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Vortrag: New Tendencies und Kinetika 1967


Vortrag gehalten am 26.04. 2016 anlässlich der Eröffnung der Ausstellung Rückblick Kinetika 1967 im 21er Haus. An der Ausstellung Kinetika, gezeigt im damaligen 20er Haus, nahmen viele Künstlerinnen und Künstler Teil, die in der Künstlerbewegung und Netzwerk New Tendencies eine wichtige Rolle spielten. Dieser Vortrag fasst einige Grundzüge der New Tendencies zusammen und nimmt Bezug auf den höchst interessanten Kinetika 1967 Katalogtext von Otto Antonia Graf.



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In a two stop lecture tour I will be talking about New Tendencies in Zagreb on December 6th and in Ljubljana on December 7th. Here I share the abstract for the Ljubljana talk and links to the event websites.

Art as Visual Research (Lecture notes)

This text is written in preparation for two upcoming talks and highlights a few aspects of my PhD thesis-in-progress "Automation, Cybernation and the Art of New Tendencies (1961-1973)". New Tendencies were one of the first postwar movements in art to focus on visual research as a way of redefining the role of art in society.

The Ultimate Avant-garde: New Tendencies and Bit International


Since more than 10 years the Croatian media artist Darko Fritz has been researching the archives of the Museum for Contemporary Arts Zagreb to gather material about the New Tendencies series of exhibitions and events in Zagreb, Ex-Yugoslavia, now Croatia, from 1961 to 1973 and the Bit International journal published by that same art movement. An exhibition in 2007 at Neue Galerie Graz and now at ZKM Karlsruhe shows the works of this important but almost lost art movement, were it not for the effort of Darko Fritz. For the Graz exhibition a little catalogue came out with contributions by Peter Weibel, Jesa Denegri and Margit Rosen. I have data mined those articles and present this material in the manner of a literature review for other researchers to study it and draw their own conclusions. All translations from German are my translations.

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