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Art in a Third Space: New Tendencies and the Nonaligned Avant-gardes

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This talk “Art in a Third Space” was held at the CAA conference in Washington D.C., February 04 2016, as a part of the panel Non-aligned: Art, Solidarity, and the Emerging “Third World”. The paper presents a condensed investigation of the international art movement and network New Tendencies. Non-alignment, in the context of my talk, refers both to political circumstances but also serves as a metaphor to gain access to a rich transdisciplinary understanding of New Tendencies.

Vortrag: New Tendencies und Kinetika 1967


Vortrag gehalten am 26.04. 2016 anlässlich der Eröffnung der Ausstellung Rückblick Kinetika 1967 im 21er Haus. An der Ausstellung Kinetika, gezeigt im damaligen 20er Haus, nahmen viele Künstlerinnen und Künstler Teil, die in der Künstlerbewegung und Netzwerk New Tendencies eine wichtige Rolle spielten. Dieser Vortrag fasst einige Grundzüge der New Tendencies zusammen und nimmt Bezug auf den höchst interessanten Kinetika 1967 Katalogtext von Otto Antonia Graf.

Robert Adrian Smith (1935-2015): The Artist and the Media Condition


Robert Adrian (left) at The World in 24 Hours (1982)

The Canadian Artist Robert Adrian Smith, who had lived in Vienna, Austria, since 1972, passed away on Monday September 7th 2015. Robert Adrian X is widely known as an art and telecommunications pioneer, but also was a painter who developed an analytic, conceptual practice, uniting aesthetics and politics in his answers to the question “What is Art?”

Art and Technopolitics: Resist, Subvert, Accelerate!

Annemie Maes

This is the text of my Riga lecture. It has a philosophical introduction, then touches on the notion of Post-Art and finally analyses the Fields exhibition. Drawing on my own curatorial work, conducted in cooperation with RIXC, in the exhibitions Waves and Fields, I hope to arrive at criteria of what makes good art today.

Cities of the Sun: Urban Revolutions and the Network Commons

Antenna Installation, Valparaiso Mesh

In this talk, I want to bring together two notions: the city as utopia and project; and the recent developments, over the past 10 to 15 years, with regard to the development of a network commons. The network commons is one among a number of other initiatives that propose alternative future developments, from alternative and creative uses of technology, to alternative energies to alternative economies and ecologies. Those propositions, however, have remained separate.

Vortragstext: #AccumulatePleasureMax - Neurath im Informationszeitalter

Dieser Technopolitics Salon unter dem Titel #AccumulatePleasureMax - Neurath im Informationszeitalter geht der Frage nach, wie sich die Ideen des Philosophen und Ökonomen Otto Neurath ins Informationszeitalter übertragen lassen. Im Zentrum steht dabei die gemeinsam mit Marie Reidemeister und Gerd Arntz entwickelte Methode ISOTYPE (International System of Typographic Picture Education) auch bekannt als die Wiener Methode der Bildstatistik. In diesem Artikel, der die Grundlage meines Vortrags am 04. September 2015 bildete, stelle ich einige Querverbindungen zu den anderen großen Themengebieten her, mit denen sich Neurath beschäftigte.

#AccumulatePleasureMax – Neurath im Informationszeitalter: Technopolitics Salon bei ViennaOpen Freitag 04. September

Technopolitics Timeline Design Sketch

Vorträge, Diskussion, Projektpräsentation und Party, Freitag 4. September 2015, 18 – 24 Uhr
Mit: Andreas Siekmann, Marcell Mars und dem Arbeitskreis Technopolitics. Musik: Camelizer
Ort: Mobiles Stadtlabor, Am Karlsplatz, Wien

Voicing Opposition: Against Neoliberal Europe


Recent weeks have seen an escalation of events in connection with the Greek Debt Crisis which has been extremely revelatory. This comes together with an escalation of wars, news of opening a case for "treason" on two German journalists and bloggers, and a general feeling of democracy in decline everywhere. Voicing opposition, and doing so effectively, has become a real concern.

Rewind: Grexit and the Politics of Self-destruction (after Polanyi)

The Greek Referendum Alexis Tsipras has announced last night, June 26th 2015, is probably the best they can do. The story that has been going on here was one, where from the very start, the new Greek government was insisting that this was political and could only be solved by heads of state, while the creditors - and we are to be reminded who they are, the governments and nations of the Eurozone, the European Central Bank and the IMF - kept insisting that this was a technical issue which Greeks had to solve with the "Troika" rechristened as "institutions".


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