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Some remarks on digital art, autonomy, and the labour of others (Eleonore, part III)


This final piece in the Eleonore series sums up some more theoretic and political thoughts about the relationships between digital art, autonomy and the division of labour. It comes to the conclusion that the least digital artists can do is to use free software, strive for egalitarian types of working relationships and to name all their collaborators as co-creators of work, regardless of the usual social valuations of types of work and the institutional pressure they come under if their work joins the art circuit.

Creative Digital Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition


Culture Lab Newcastle University, and CRUMB University of Sunderland present the first 2 day symposium in a 2 year series, in an AHRC funded Collaborative Research Training project on research training, digital media art and curating. This event is quite short notice, but maybe posting it here nevertheless raises interest in future events of this kind.

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