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Creative Cities Bibliographie



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Migrants in detention complex Schiphol Airport fight brutality, call for help


This is a press release by M2M Radio who call for your help in an urgent struggle. Migrant to Migrant, calls on activists and artists for international collaboration in solidarity. On the 18th of February the inmates of Block L demanded clear information on their fate. “How long can they keep us here? Is asking for asylum a crime in this country? Why are we here?” In Block L migrants are detained who are supposed to be deported back home. They did not fulfill the tough requirements to be accepted as a refugee.

Creative Digital Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition


Culture Lab Newcastle University, and CRUMB University of Sunderland present the first 2 day symposium in a 2 year series, in an AHRC funded Collaborative Research Training project on research training, digital media art and curating. This event is quite short notice, but maybe posting it here nevertheless raises interest in future events of this kind.

NodeL Dummy Article


dummy article

In Spring 2008, NODE.London is calling a seasonal gathering of media art, showing how London is budding with fresh exhibitions, discussions, musical events and participatory projects.483

This website will soon be filling with an ongoing programme from Spring 2008. Until then, you can browse the archive of the first NODE.LondonNode.London in 2006 was an eqully succesful blah season of media arts in March 2006.

How not to upgrade your Drupal

Last monday the 26th of May I upgraded drupal from 5.3 to 6.2. This turned out to be a bad decision, as drupal 6.2 is not ready yet in many ways to host a site such as thenextlayer.org.

The decision to do an upgrade at all was motivated by security fears, as the version 5.3 which I was using was said not to be totally safe anymore although I am not so sure about this. I should have upgraded to 5.7 which is the latest version of version 5.x and has all the latest security patches (but no new functionality besides.

Update! Systems Upgrade trouble

Dear users of this site. A major systems upgrade was necessary for security reasons. We have upgraded from Drupal 5.2 to 5.3. At first all went well but then actions of the sysadmin from hell (me) triggered a chain of events which ended almost disastrously. However, the site has been restored (almost) to full functionality. The images work again, yet there are issues with thumbnail images (I think youcan all see the error messages). Update to the update: As far as I can see all images are displayed again. We are now using imagemagick as toolkit.


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