Solid Knowledge

Solid Knowledge
As privatisation of educational structures progresses, the Academy assumes corporate and business mind-set, while we assist to a shift of the educational mission in society from inclusive to exclusive. The influential play of industries has permeated most academical disciplines, in particular regarding the adoption of technologies. The choice of educators has become biased by logics of short term profit, rather than Solid Knowledge.
Notions are rapidly becoming universally available. Heuristic, maieutic and infrastructure functions provided by Academies are best satisfied by the global action of free software communities horizontally sharing methods, experiences, working implementations, on distributed and versioned R&D platforms.
As components can be combined and redistributed, copied and modified (GNU GPL) students learn a knowledge that is durable, free from “intellectual properties ” restricting their rights to produce and redistribute creations. This situation will provide an advantage for new generations, as it does for developing countries.

Jaromil is a developer and media artist inspired by the GNU free software movement: he follows the ideal of creating FOSS for freedom of expression, to let people communicate, freed from consumerist speculations and the need for expensive hardware.
Related essays: J. Bosma on net-art , A. Broeckmann on software art , N. Emmenegger on Virtual Borders and Migrant Cyber-Tactics , F. Cramer on Digital code and literary text .
Among open source software he created and maintains are: MuSE (for running a web radio), FreeJ (for vee-jay and real-time video manipulation), HasciiCam (ASCII video streaming) and dyne:bolic (efficient live-CD widely employed for media production and broadcasting). These creations are redis-tributed by the Free Software Foundation and several other educational institutions worldwide.

Based in Amsterdam, Jaromil is currently active on FOSS R&D for the NIMK`, , adjunct lecturer (year 2008/09) for the Media Design MA at PZwart / WDKA in Rotterdam and the Digital Environment Design MA at NABA in Milano. Jaromil is a featured artist in CODeDOC II (Whitney Museum Artport), Read_Me 2.3 (runme.org software art), negotiations 2003 (Toronto CA), I LOVE YOU (MAK Frankfurt), Netarts (Machida Tokyo), Rhizome , Data Browser 02 (engineering culture), Crosstalks (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and in several other publications