We are Legion: the story of the hacktivists

Just watched the feature doco We are Legion: the story of the hacktivists tracing the evolution of Anonymous, from the anarchic culture of 4chan and its /b/board to an Ops-based movement starting with the Scientology-provoking Operation Chanology.

Significantly, writer/director/producer Brian Knappenberger released the film DRM-free, which suggests he isn't too fussed about it entering file-sharing networks. It's certainly easy enough to find in the usual places, and also can be streamed/ordered from the film's website at http://wearelegionthedocumentary.com. It's constructed as a straight-up talking heads genre piece (ie, it's not The Fog of War or an Adam Curtis piece), and naturally it's US-centric, but the heads are articulate and the narrative flows. Researcher of hackers and digital activism, Gabriella Coleman, is one of the recurring narrators of the film, and she provides a meta-framing of the unfolding events and shifts in dynamics.