Valparaiso Mesh

Thanks Armin to give me an space here. My name is Ignacio Nieto and with some friends Mauricio Roman, Elektra and Daniel TIrado start to build a second version of the Valpo Mesh, a network re-build on the city of Valparaiso, up on the hills where were a fire burn part of the city on April 2014. Im curiuos with the idea of the network used on a neighborhood full of needs, starting from water. The rebuild of the network will be detail documented by texts and images and probably with a qualitive research will be done. The rebuild of the network start with the support of Espacio G, Segundo Encuentro de Cultural Digital done this time in the city of Valparaíso and the Goverment of Chile the Area of New Media of the Ministry of Culture of Chile.
As a first post I send you a Map that we are starting to build with the nodes.


tell us more

Hi Ignacio,

welcome, and let us know more about your project ... looking forward