Draft: Farewell to GroundZero

Since 2001 free2air has provided open community network access in east end London, nestled in the Regents Canal borderlands of Bethnal Green and Hackney.

With a move to Berlin, this September marks the decomissioning of the last remaining host node of East End Net - GroundZero.

GroundZero sported a billard cue sized omnidirectional antenna mounted on the chimney post of a home office above a Hackney Road shop outside a busy bus stop.

In its early days, with little other wireless devices in the country, its range would stretch over 500 metres in most directions, despite urban difficulties.

Towards the end of its life, the pure massive number of WiFi units placed in almost every household in the area raised the radio noise floor and reduced its effective range to about 200 metres or so.

This is a draft placeholder to start to document the many projects of creative locals that used East End Net in innovative ways, from temporary FM radio stations to robotic art video installations and ambient microphones transmitted to London's Resonance FM.

Please excuse sometimes slow updates, as relocation to Berlin is still taking a toll on available time.

Comments and Reminders and Recollections of events and projects by one and all are welcome here as this documentation evolves.