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Its been a very interesting day, maybe a little bit to 'techie' for me, but on the other hand very worth while due to the diversity of viewpoints in the individual presentations and talks. The Next Layer, so it seems to me, is a fantastic tool for a lot of things, social networking, exchange, artistic collaboration, dissemination of knowledge, politics, archiving and documenting... I subscribe to Lidsay’s conclusion in her recent post ‘Danger: Lest Taxi to Praxi be Forgotten’ The major theme is one of ownership and dissemination of knowledge.

Almost Documentary: Celcrabeels' introduction to taxi-to-praxi


Dear all, I have thought about the questions put to us by Taxi to Praxi. I will elaborate a bit.

How do you define practice-led artistic research?

One has to look at the context, the Bologna Process aims to create a European Higher Education Area by 2010. Due to this process the Belgian Academy’s and University’s recently are merging into one structure. This evolution has created a need for 'PhD candidate researchers in Fine Art ' in the Belgian. academic world.

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