On the way to build a 3D number space ship

"peeping window" featuring the 2 dimensional spaceship project.

The visual 2D version of the "Spaceship" is like codex4art.com in a X and Y axis.

But we saving now your position - so every time if you are visiting our site https://fax.priv.at/index_js.html you are expanding your personal 2D space.

Process art or generative art does not mean making or consuming videos or audio.
Process art means that there is no difference between the recipient and the artist. The artwork merges with the viewer. 

To define art or new information not in the definition of Claude Shannon means to put nature and our reality with our daily dreams and emotions in the centre. One of the most important definitions of
Art and Information in our modern digital age.
Become a part of social, emotional and rational part of art. Yes, this website is functionally written with logical code, but it also creates art on your computer at home right now. We'll give you Crypto Tokens for this if you give us your email address.

Fortunately, there is a new way in which human information is measured in complex numbers. With values in which an imaginary part also plays a role. Unfortunately, the reality is not so simple, because we receive information via the internet like others.

Art and your emotions is the square root of minus 1. you can buy a t-shirt here.
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